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  • The greatest leaders I know lead by example. They are role models who adhere to standards they set for others and never ask more of them than they demand of themselves. Great leaders don’t just “manage”or “motivate.” They inspire courage, tenacity, perseverance, resilience and commitment in all who work with them. Greg Stube is such a leader – and an American Hero.

    In Conquer Anything Greg draws on a lifetime of  “lessons learned” as a highly decorated U.S. Army Special Forces medic in this lucid, straightforward resource for parents, teachers, students, athletes, employers, supervisors and soldiers. If “success” is in your vocabulary, Conquer Anything is a must read.

    -- Oliver L. North, LtCol USMC [Ret.] and Host of War Stories on FOX News

  • Greg is an electrifying public speaker. His passion for leadership and love of country is infectious. I invited Greg to speak at one of our senior leadership offsite meetings, where the audience willingly followed his speech and were fully engaged with the stories and his message. To this date, many of the attendees mention his unforgettable presentation.


  • Greg’s heartfelt communication style is impressive, his hard fought background is historic. I would highly recommend that you consider Greg Stube.


  • Greg Stube is a world-class presenter. His ability to move an audience is an amazing thing to watch. He leaves the listener feeling inspired, believing they can face any challenge and overcome any obstacle.


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